Continuing Education for Yoga Professionals

The evolution of yoga practice will see more and more people of all types of mobility and ability seeking instruction to meet their personal needs. The day of a 200 or 500 hour training even beginning to produce a yoga teacher capable of addressing those varied needs is fading in the rear-view mirror. Even more disconcerting is the rise of yoga training programs being taught by people with those very credentials.

Smart Safe Yoga is intended to be a place where yoga professionals like yourself can gain quality instruction in aspects of yoga that will allow you to grow in your practice to meet the increasingly complex needs of the “average” yoga class. This will require not only new understanding and techniques, but systems within your delivery model to be sure things get done smart and safely.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many times in the past month have students approached you with a health concern?
  • Did you get any or questions about the appropriateness of some aspect yoga related to challenge they were having?
  • Did you feel confident in being able to offer them direction or answers that kept ahimsa in the forefront before convenience or personal comfort?

This site is designed to provide you with consistent systems that minimize the chances of harming taking place via injuries while building your reputation and practice as the “smart, safe place to go for yoga information.”

Below are resources for online learning and program development. Signing up for our newsletter will keep you informed as to where Dr. Taylor is teaching in the future. You can also book Dr. Taylor to present for your organization or event here.

Dr. Matt Taylor

Studio/Fitness Facility Owners Safety Systems

Ahimsa is no accident.

This quote means that when the proper systems are in place in a solo or group practice, you can dramatically decrease the possibility of creating harming conditions. Dr. Taylor’s long experience with risk-management in conventional healthcare and fitness businesses has allowed him to create resources for yoga professionals that work on the same tested principles. Unfortunately his experience as an expert witness in yoga injury cases has confirmed that too often no attention has been given to minimizing yoga accidents and injuries. The reasons are many, but none are acceptable.

Setting up systems for protecting your students and your practice is just good business, not just the first yama. As the demographics of people seeking yoga services expands in complexity and delicacy, having a system in place beforehand is critical for managing your business’ development. Properly instituted, you will discover how these systems can

  • increase customer loyalty
  • enhance profitability
  • expand your referral base in the community

Did we mention it’s also the first yama?

So set your intention to make ahimsa your priority in your service and review here the available training resources and consultation services to make that good intention, a reality today.

Marketing and Networking Training

Are you wanting to grow your business in a way that is consistent with your deepest values and your yoga practice? The press has certainly been full of accounts of abuses and inappropriate business practices in the yoga world the past several years. Isn’t there a way to build your business, maintain your values and have your clients leave more empowered? We think so.

Successful marketing and networking begins and ends with quality relationships. These relationships begin with your relationship with yourself, then with your clients, your client’s healthcare team, your market competition, and finally with the public that doesn’t yet know you exist as a resource for solving their needs. Those relationships must be grounded in your personal yoga practice first and foremost. Operating from any other need or motivation will limit or derail any other best efforts, even with the sharpest website, business card or flyer.

We teach you how to begin there, how to build from that discipline and how grow a business that reflects your best intention and delivers smart, safe yoga to your community. You have a unique ability and service that shouldn’t copy anyone else, but reflect your special contribution in Life.

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Yoga Therapy as a
Creative Response to Pain

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This is a guide for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and healthcare professionals to create an evolving program of care for those they support who are living with chronic pain.

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