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Collaborate with a Yoga Expert

Dr. Taylor has served individuals and organizations in a wide-range of related capacities. Here is a list of services he has provided in the past. References are available upon request.  If you have an idea or need that does not appear here, please contact us to explore some additional future collaboration with him. Even though he has retired, he's interested in supporting others with a shared mission.

Continuing Professional Education Presentations

In-house training and hosting opportunities; state and national keynote and breakout presentations; executive and staff retreats; employee development; video-conferencing guest lecturer.

Key Note Presentations

Professional conferences; charity events; fund-raising events; organizational retreats.

Organizational Consultations

Executive and staff consultation; transformational training; staff development and training.

Research Collaboration

Primary investigator; mind-body content matter expert; action research and mixed methodological consultation; training staff to provide test interventions.

Personal Professional Consultation

Broadband consultation to review care plan, explore additional treatment options and provide instruction for challenging pain and movement conditions. All you need is a broadband connection, a web camera and a video chat capacity (Skype, etc.).

Expert Witness

Yoga-related safety consultation; depositions; subject matter expert testimony. Click here for more details.

What People Have Said About Dr. Taylor


Marie Janisse, PT, RYT

Matt Taylor has the education and the experience to make any PT practice a success. In addition to his technical proficiency, Matt understood the needs of my particular practice and was able to "Taylor" his program to suit those needs. I felt a genuine caring about my goals as he brainstormed with me and followed up on my progress. Matt's thinking is expansive, progressive, and innovative.


Larry Payne Ph.D. E-RYT 500, Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Program, Founding Director

Matthew Taylor has raised the bar for teacher excellence in the Yoga Therapy Rx course at Loyola Marymount University. He has an uncanny ability to integrate the ageless wisdom of Yoga with the best of modern medicine. His method is genius in its simplicity while honoring the best of both Yoga and emerging rehab science.

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