Someone Gets Injured in Your Yoga Class: What now?

yoga injury deposition

[The following should be understood as risk management advice and NOT legal advice or counsel. If you have legal questions or concerns, contact your local legal professional.] Can we talk about this? Anyone who has taught for any length of time has almost certainly discovered that something happened in a yoga class you taught where…

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Is Hot Yoga Smart or Safe?

Q: Is that hot Yoga good for you? I can just sit in my car and sweat. What are the differences and safety concerns for my health? A: Isn’t it amazing how many “flavors” of Yoga there are? The wide variety of names and types can be a bit daunting. One of the major sub-categories…

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Introducing Christine Carr, DPT, PYT and Smart Asana

Smart Asana: An Ongoing Blog For Asana Safety I’m pleased to introduced Dr. Christine Carr, DPT, PYT, our asana expert and safety guide for teachers and yoga students. Dr. Carr will be making regular contributions featuring asana-related issues that can compromise smart, safe yoga. I took time out last week to interview Christine about her…

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How to Find a Smart Safe Yoga Teacher

Find the right yoga teacher

“How do I find a smart, safe yoga teacher?” This is the question I get most often online and in my clinic. If there was an easy answer, there’d be no reason for this website! Finding a yoga teacher is much like any other consumer question, “Caveat emptor” (buyer beware). Let’s break this task down into some useful steps that will provide you with a shopping list to help you find that smart, safe yoga teacher/therapist…

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The Power and Science of Mudra

Yoga Mudra

“Science: The investigation of natural phenomena through observation, theoretical explanation, and experimentation, or the knowledge produced by such investigation.”  -American Heritage In September of 2014 my wife and I toured the Asian Hall at the British Museum in London. The presence of nearly every statue exhibiting at least one mudra confirmed my suspicion: We in…

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