Yoga Safety Expertise and Legal Witness

Dr. Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT is a yoga injury expert witness. His broad background as rehabilitation provider, sports medicine physical therapist, past health club owner and senior yoga therapist who served on the board of directors of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and presently serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, as well as a consultant to Yoga Alliance on Scope of Services, makes him an expert of unparalleled qualification.

Dr. Taylor’s services include consultation, investigation, research and expert testimony on all yoga-related personal injury cases, including: falls, soft tissue trauma, ergonomic consultations, repetitive micro-trauma, manual corrections, and chronic disability.

He specializes in studio risk management, studio safety training, maintenance, management and operation; standards of practice, student safety, supervision issues, disability assessment, practice modifications, yoga philosophy and training. Dr. Taylor believes that by providing expert witness services he can serve both the yoga teaching community and the public by promoting true ahimsa through non-harming, informed judicial process in our society.

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“Without exception, in every case I have been retained by counsel, the tragedy could have been avoided or ameliorated by a few simple, but powerful systems mechanisms.” - Dr. Matthew Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT

Legal Witness Testimonials

Please call, 480-239-8381 if you are representing either a plaintiff or defendants, and are in need of a yoga injury expert witness to:

  • Prepare a complaint
  • Review discovery documents and prepare expert reports
  • Investigate or recreate accident situations
  • Assist in creating a cohesive and believable argument for your client
  • Give deposition or court testimony
  • Interview witnesses
  • Instruct attorneys on technical matters related to yoga
  • Follow on questions from interrogatories
  • Search applicable codes, guidelines, requirements or specifications